Wastewater technology

TIA offers tailor-made, turnkey solutions for almost all problems in industrial waste water treatment and in municipal sewage treatment as well as in the treatment and recycling of waste water.

Since 1987, the modular TIA sewage treatment plant has proved itself both for new buildings of various sizes as well as for extensions or renovations of existing plants.

All TIA wastewater treatment plants are „Made in Germany“.
All TIA sewage plant projects are „Managed in Germany

All plant components such as pumps, blowers or sieves are supplied to us by well-known manufacturers from Germany or other European countries.

All TIA wastewater treatment plants are technically and economically an optimal solution for the respective operation.

The process steps and processes that TIA combines for the wastewater treatment and optimally uses it.

Activated Sludge Process
DAF Dissolved Air Flotation
Grease Separator
Grit Separator
MBR Membrane Bio Reactor
Membrane filtration
Mixing and Balancing Reactors

Paralel Plate Separators
Reverse Osmosis
Sludge Dewatering
Sludge Drying Beds
Submerged Biofilm reactors
Textile Movable Biofilm rectors TMBR / MBBR
Two-Step-Sedimentation Process
UV Disinfection