History of TIA

TIA Technologien zur Industrie-Abwasser-Behandlung  GmbH is an owner-managed family enterprise and was founded in 1987. The managing shareholder is and has always been Dr. Eng. Norbert Mueller-Blanke.
Since then, the modular and compact TIA system technology that has proven itself of value in practice with industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants, has been developed.
In the founding year, Phoenix AG, an automotive-supplier based in Hamburg, placed the first order with TIA. Many more orders by diverse German industrial enterprises followed during the adjacent years until today.
In 1997 TIA constructed the first wastewater treatment plant abroad: the customer was a Dutch recycling-company. Ever since, TIA has successfully planned and constructed wastewater treatment plants not only in Germany, but internationally.
The first non-European international order was placed by a Malaysian electronic industry in 1998.
TIA has also gained a lot of experience in the municipal sector: Since 1987, TIA has been carrying out service and maintenance for municipal wastewater treatment plants.
In 2003 TIA concluded the first contract for the operation of the municipal wastewater treatment plant of Güster (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany) and has been solely responsible for it ever since.
The biggest project carried out by TIA so far was the planning and construction of a central wastewater treatment plant for all industrial wastewaters of the country of Kuwait: 7,500m³/day of wastewater from different kinds of industries are brought to the plant every day by approximately 300 road tankers. In the plant, the wastewater is being recycled and treated into process water that can be used for rural watering. The commissioning of the plant was in 2010.