Basis Plants “COMPACTmini” (300 - 2.000 P.E.)

Plant components for self-assembly of a municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant in the range of 300 up to 2.000 PE (population equivalent) in the well-proven TIA Compact-System
TIA COMPACTmini can be erected and assembled completely through local (at site) companies. TIA supplies the know-how, construction plans and all plant components. Thus even smaller plants can be executed extremely cost-effective and of high quality “Made in Germany”. 
TIA COMPACTmini is an ultra-modern Wastewater Treatment Plant for COD/BOD reduction and for nitrogen elimination. As a third step, a disinfection unit can be implemented so that the water can be used for sprinkling; by means of a membrane system the water becomes even potable. 
This plant is ideally suited for small municipalities, as replacement or complement for pond systems, for hospitals, hotels etc.

Thanks to the clear mounting instructions the plant can be erected within 3 to 7 days by any assembly team.

Operation and maintenance of this plant are extremely minimized compared with other plants.

Treatment steps

  • Strainer (optional - supplied manually or automatically operated)
  • Sand trap (to be emptied manually)
  • Fat trap (to be emptied manually)
  • Activated sludge reactor (biology, draggable aerators)
  • ARS*-Reactor for stabilization and storage of activated sludge
  • Sedimentation
  • Disinfection (optional)


  • All components from German brand manufacturers
  • High-quality rotary blower with complex noise prevention
  • Stainless steel pipelines
  • Weatherproof and lockable control cabinet
  • Fully automatic operation


  • Assembly tools (optional)
  • Architectural drawings for basins (without static calculation)
  • Explicit and clear assembly instruction with photo documentation
  • Instructions for running-in and start-up


  • Wastewater technological calculations according to German standard
  • Operation manual
  • Operation diary (program, on demand)
  • Certificate of origin - Germany

You'll find further informations in our brochure, provided as a PDF-download.

 *ARS is a process for sludge stabilization and stabilization of the biological process, developed by TIA and the technical university of Hamburg-Harburg,TUHH in the year 1995.